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Bird Cam


Johannesburg, South Africa
Click on the clip to see a short preview of our feathered friends
* Note:  These are Wild birds, not an aviary

Links to our Live Bird Streaming:

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Our birds have a voracious appetite and it is becoming costly to serve them their daily a-la-carte menu. Please 'Like', 'Subscribe' (it's free) and Share our stream sites so we can qualify for a bit of funding from YouTube.

Watch South African wild birds in Johannesburg feeding in our garden through our dedicated Live Bird Streaming camera. 

We are a South African family situated in the heart of Johannesburg. We live in a house with a  garden surrounded by neighbours and a noisy road - still, we surprisingly get a diverse wild bird life.


You might hear cars passing by, dogs barking, gates opening and neighbours making a noise, but that is city life in Jozzi.


For your convenience, the Live feeds are available through Twitch or YouTube. Put up the feed on your TV or computer, sit back, relax and let the birds soothes your worries away!

Nothing much happens after sunset so the feed might be turned off till the morning. If you Subscribe to the channel, you will be able to find it quickly the next day so you won't miss a thing.

Our Story

We started this bird feeding project by accident. It was a family project which got out of hand, and now here we are.

Our Birds

Take a look at what you can expect to spot in our little garden. Please let us know what else you could see that we missed.

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Check out a few pics of some of our many guests. With the seasons changing, some fly off for a while to warmer climates.

Contact us

If you have any tips, recommendations or any comments, please contact us to let us know

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